Good Times, Great Connections

Located in the heart of Kilimani, The Circle offers retail, leisure and dining experience in the modern gym, Spa, kids play area, crèche, restaurants, fashion shops, and supermarkets.

What We Offer!

This Gem creates opportunities for you and your family to enjoy top amenities while offering unique yet memorable experiences in the city under the sun.

You don’t even have to worry about the logistics involved in getting around the area: as you can access the area through public transport, Uber or even a private car. We have enough parking lot to give you a convenient shopping experience.


Our qualified team of caregivers will look after your child while offering them a wide range of activities to keep them engaged while you enjoy shopping, get a massage, make your hair or have a session at our modern gym facility. We got you covered.

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The Circle offers a spacious kids playing area where kids can run around playing hop-scotch, hide & seek and cricket among others.They don't have to stay locked up in the house

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At the Circle we offer modern food courts with magnificent view of the city from an outdoor rooftop terrace as you enjoy African and contemporary meals from Nairobi's top eateries. As the night falls, you will find the best views of the Nairobi skyline as you enjoy music from Nairobi best live bands.

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Our state-of-the-art Gym facility, combines health, fitness and fun, merging these aspects into one spacious, functional and professional environment.

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The Circle offers a fully stocked sports bar/lounge for your entertainment. You can enjoy drinks at your leisure while also watching your favorite sports.

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There’s nothing more luxurious and relaxing than a trip to the spa, and here at The Circle we’re passionate about offering the most splendid and unforgettable pampering experiences to our guests.

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The Circle is equipped with fast bandwidth and range WiFi that will enable you and all our other customers to access their online business accounts, email and also be able to surf social media.

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All gents, you can rest easy knowing we got you covered at the Circle. You can groom yourself as your woman does her shopping for a very affordable price. Our barber shop will give you that magic look.

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If you are working, relaxing or meeting someone, The Circle is designed to give you comfort as you enjoy exceptional Kenyan Coffee in the best coffee shops while enjoying Nairobi's cool weather from our open balconies.


The Circle gives you an opportunity to enjoy good company after a long day at the office as you discuss the next business venture over a cold beer, crisp glass of wine or an aged whisky on the rocks on a breezy balcony at your favourite restaurant that is a walking distance to your apartment in Kilimani.


The Circle has designed modern boutiques to give you a shopping experience like no other in the centre of this Kenyan metropolis, every shop, boasting show-stopping windows and perfectly curated store designs (often dreamed up by some of the interior design world's biggest names) is worth a visit – if only just to.


Mall Visitors

Our Mall gets a lot of traffic per month at an average of 20000 visitors. Consider settings up your business here.



We have a host of businesses in the mall ranging from coffee shops to supermarkets to serve all your needs.





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